How many missed infusions do you think would leave you vulnerable to bleeds and joint damage?

This would be specific to each individual patient and severity of bleed. The truth of the matter is, skipping or delaying even 1 infusion could leave you vulnerable to bleeds and joint damage.

When it comes to your treatment, one key clinical question to ask yourself, is – “what is the half-life of this product?” Half-life measures how long it takes for your factor level to drop by 50% after an infusion. The longer the half-life of a therapy, the longer it is available in your body, potentially allowing for less frequent infusions. Half-life is also part of the equation for keeping FIX levels steady, which we noted in our first category.

There are FIX treatments available that offer less frequent infusion schedules to help you live closer to the more normal lifestyle that you and your doctor are striving to achieve. If this is something that interests you, please be sure to ask your doctor about your available options.
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