With Hemophilia B well under control, how many spontaneous bleeds should you expect to have in a year?

Before you answer, make sure you’re just thinking about spontaneous or breakthrough bleeds. Spontaneous bleeds are bleeds with no known cause and breakthrough bleeds are bleeds that occur even while treating Hemophilia B on a regular basis. Do not include bleeds caused by injury or trauma, or because you missed an infusion.

The short answer is that having zero spontaneous bleeds is possible! Sometimes people think an occasional spontaneous bleed is part of having Hemophilia B and this is not the case. We need to change the mindset of what people think is possible or impossible, because having zero spontaneous bleeds can be attainable with the right treatment plan. A spontaneous bleed should be a big heads up that your hemophilia may not be as controlled as you think it is.

This goes back to thinking about immediate needs and long-term impact. Realizing that having zero spontaneous bleeds could be possible, you can strive for healthier control over Hemophilia B. The positive long-term effects from zero spontaneous bleeds can reduce the possibility of permanent joint damage, allowing you to maintain the lifestyle you want.

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