When in the Pursuit of Control for your Hemophilia B, how are you impacted when experiencing a bleed?

This question is very individual to each person. For younger patients, parents, or caregivers of patients, experiencing bleeds could lead to self-doubt. Or fear and stress from constant worrying can have a negative impact on you mentally and emotionally.

Bleeds are not limited to only affecting one part of your life. They can cause physical pain and joint damage, which could lead to missed time at school, work, or family time.

Mental factors such as anxiety and emotional stress can last beyond the bleed. This could cause you to feel insecure about your factor control, which may lead you to choose not to participate in the activities you enjoy doing. When it comes to a successful treatment plan, maintaining and sustaining proper Factor IX trough levels is the key to giving you more confidence to do the things you enjoy so you can go about living!

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