How to Pursue Control

The game will be broken down into three checkpoints or categories with a series of three questions for each segment. With each correct answer you’ll be awarded a color-coded game piece in the corresponding spot on the game board, moving up/on one space at a time. Once you have all 3 spots filled, you’re awarded a shield wedge and it will be automatically placed in the appropriate color space on the shield at the top of the board. The goal is to answer all questions correctly and fill all 3 spaces on the shield!

As you go through these questions, you'll be creating a virtual Scorecard Discussion Guide which will be available to print and share with your doctor. Based on your answers, you will be able to identify aspects of your treatment that you may want to evaluate or make changes in your life that impact how you manage your Hemophilia B. Once you finish, you’ll be able to download your scorecard results so you can have it on hand the next time you speak with your doctor.

Now let's begin your Pursuit of Control!

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